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Four years in the making... the TRIBUTE 4 foundation proudly announces TRIBUTE, a journey you will want to share with your family for generations.

Sold as a 316 page hard cover, signed limited edition book containing over 600 striking full-color luster images, TRIBUTE is a proud addition to any collection.


To order TRIBUTE, send a check or money order for $49.95 plus $10.05 tax and shipping (a total of $60) to:

Tribute 4 foundation

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Make your check or money order payable to "Tribute 4 foundation."

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Foreword by:

Frederick J. Kroesen GEN. US Army. Ret. (WWII veteran)

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"Rarely does one get to experience, record and document history.  TRIBUTE is the spectacular result of such an opportunity.  This book honors the WWII Memorial in detail while honoring our WWII veterans in a manner that stirs emotion and captures in vivid imagery, the sacrifices made by so many to preserve our hard-fought freedom.  Very well organized and brilliantly photographed."

—Senator Bob Dole

"I was proud to play a role in the WWII Memorial Fund Raising Campaign for the design and construction of the National World War II Memorial. Thousands of contributors—from school children to major corporations—funded this beautiful Memorial to those millions of Americans who worked, fought and died to win World War II.

TRIBUTE uniquely tells the story of the Memorial and shows the Memorial in ways only its craftsmen imagined and our veterans wanted. This wonderful book—just as the WWII Memorial itself—vividly reminds us of the great sacrifices made by so many."

—Frederick W. Smith
National Co-Chairman WWII Memorial Campaign
President and CEO FedEx Corporation

"If you were a visitor or have not yet seen the World War II Memorial, I strongly recommend the journey TRIBUTE will provide your family and WWII veterans. The Memorial represents a labor of love in our nation's Capitol and fitting tribute honoring those who sacrifice yielded the 20th Century's most profound legacy— the triumph of liberty over tyranny. We, the children of freedom, owe them an eternal debt of gratitude. This volume springs from the loving heart of America and stunningly captures the elegance and meaning of the World War II Memorial for generations to come. Make it a part of your memories."

—Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur
9th District, Ohio

"From 1994 to 2001, I served as a Commissioner of the American Battle Monuments Commission and Chairman of its World War II Site and Design Committee. It was our hope that the Memorial would be a welcoming and celebratory place for veterans and families and for future generations to visit and remember a time when the Nation was united in a just and common cause. Duane Lempke's beautiful photographic tribute to the World War II generation is moving visual evidence that this hope, this dream, has been realized. The scenes depicted day and night in all seasons shows the Memorial in all its glory."

—Ambassador F. Haydn Williams
Founding Director, Friends of the National WWII Memorial

"TRIBUTE is a beautiful and moving pictorial poem to the World War II Memorial— a great gift to the veterans, their families and the nation."

—Tom Brokaw
News Anchor and Author

"Duane Lempke has captured the vision, the vista, the reality and the meaning of the National World War II Memorial."

—Tom Hanks
National Spokesman, World War II Memorial Campaign and Actor

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If you are one of the 30 million visitors to the National World War II Memorial in the four years since it was dedicated, your visit was probably about one hour.  Are you sure you saw everything?

Photographer Duane Lempke in TRIBUTE takes you to and through the Memorial in not only a typical day, but on holidays, inclement weather, and through the four seasons of the year. Starting before dawn, you see the Memorial as few people ever have at this time of the morning. You catch the beauty of the predawn glow on the architecture and watch the sun as it spreads sweet light over the pavilions, panels and the state pillars. As the sun sets you see the Memorial in long shadows and golden light. When darkness ascends, you are there watching the lights and fountains mysteriously change the Memorial into an elegant display of pageantry.

The daylight brings the buses and walk in visitors, but were you fortunate enough to see the satisfaction it brought to a WW II veteran's face and the look it brought to a widow's memories. The World War II Memorial is more than unique features, shaped granite, historical quotes, splashing fountains and gold stars. It is a tribute to the sacrifices paid by so many to preserve our freedom. It signals and symbolizes the end of a long pilgrimage taken by millions of veterans who patiently waited to see it approved, designed, constructed and now rightfully placed on our Nation's most sacred ground. It is truly a vision come true, a "field of dreams" and a gift from a grateful nation.

TRIBUTE includes a special memorial page for you to enter information about your father, mother, or grandparents. It contains special blank pages where your precious photographs and memories can be placed. 

The journey you are about to take in TRIBUTE will be emotional, memorable and leave you glad you took the time to visit, revisit and enjoy the beauty in our World War II Memorial. Author's Initials, DAL